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Following is a task we did of original artwork on paper.  The entire framing task was done with archival materials to protect the piece from temperature, humidity and light.  It measures 43" by 42" and is coordinated closely with the decor and accessories of the space chosen for display. 

This dual mirror display enlisted the Carolina Heritage frame style and Kohler dual lamps.  Each of the mirrors are 28" x 32 1/2".  A unique feature of this installation was that the lamps had to be extended away from the wall so they would not interfere with the mirrors.  Two Geez professionals accomplished this integrated task also.

Another pair of mirrors again of the Carolina Heritage Style with insert frames to match the decor.  The triple lamps are by Kohler also and had to be extended in a similar fashion as the previous task.  Matching the oil rubbed bronse finish on the lamp extender tubes was done in-house.

Butterflies II - a photo taken by Gordon is available for framing in varying sizes.

Butterflies I - Also available as a print or beautifully framed in a size suitable for your space.